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Geert Bergsma

Geert Bergsma
Manager Supply chain analysis

  • Biomass, environmental footprints, technology, policy
  • LCA, supply chain analysis of products and packaging
  • Dialogue between industry, NGOs and government
I have been happily employed at CE Delft since 1992. At first that was in the energy group, where I worked on issues like heat supply, hydrogen and biomass. Later, as head of the waste and materials group, I was increasingly involved in projects for industry, while today, as manager, Supply chain analysis, I work for government and industry alike. The common thread in all of my work is that I enjoy unravelling complex environmental issues, opening up the road to effective action developed in dialogue between industry, NGOs and government. On the issues of biomass and packaging, in particular, I have coordinated numerous studies that have helped move discussions forward.

Coordinator, Biomass and Raw material supply chains
I coordinate CE Delft’s work on the themes of Biomass and Raw material supply chains. Biomass is an intriguing theme because, as our studies show, there are both extremely promising biomass chains with major environmental benefits, and chains that only make matters worse. On the theme of Raw material supply chains we carry out life cycle assessments on a wide range of raw materials and products. Over the years the focus has shifted from packaging (on which we still have considerable knowledge) to the products inside the packaging. For the construction industry we have performed LCAs on concrete, wood, metals and plastics. The challenge in LCA studies is customised presentation of the environmental data, so the project principal can put the results to immediate use in a practical context. I provide strategic advice on sustainability issues to companies, government agencies and non-governmental organisations. I feel most in my element at the interface between government policy and its implementation in industry, and in facilitating fruitful debate on environmental policies between government, industry and NGOs. In discussions on thorny issues like packaging, biomass and underground CO2 storage I seek to clarify stakeholders’ perspectives, with equal respect for all the parties involved, and suggest concrete strategies for improving environmental quality. The trickier the discussions are, the more I generally enjoy them.
Do you want to exchange ideas on the above or other issues? I would be more than willing to do so. You can call me on +31(0)15-2150150.


LCA: recyclilng of plastic packaging waste from households
Geert Bergsma & Marijn Bijleveld, International VDI Conference  - Energy and Materials from Waste 2014, 22 May 2014