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Huib van Essen

Huib van Essen
manager Transport

  • Transport climate policy
  • Clean, fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Vehicle standards
  • European, national and local policy
  • Models and tools for government and industry
  • Environmental and other impacts of transport policy
  • Relationships between traffic policy, infrastructure, spatial planning developments, traffic volumes and modal split
I have been working at CE Delft since 2002, and have served as sectoral manager Transport and coordinator, Transport climate policy and Mobility and infrastructure since 2004. After graduating in applied physics, I studied business sciences and also completed a course in acting. I can readily switch between the realms of natural science, policy planning and communication processes. I have an analytical mind, good communications skills and an infectious enthusiasm.

I often give presentations and interviews on climate policy and the transition to sustainable transport systems, and regularly write columns on these topics.


User pays, user compares
Huib van Essen, TU Delft, 13 September 2016
Cheaper electricity through smart charging and V2G
Huib van Essen, AVERE Conference, 14 April 2016
Assessment of Modalities for LDV CO2 regulations beyond 2020

Huib van Essen (CE Delft) & Richard Smokers (TNO), CO2 Vehicle Emission Conference, The Hague, 14 April 2015
Assessment of Modalities for LDV CO2 regulations beyond 2020

Huib van Essen, Stakeholder Conference DG Clima, Brussels, 9 december 2014
CO2 standards and labels for heavy duty vehicles. Comparison of design options

Huib van Essen, 10th Integer Emissions Summit Europe 2014, Düsseldorf, 18 June 2014