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Cor Leguijt

Cor Leguijt
senior researcher/consultant

  • Energy and climate policy in the urban environment
  • Route maps for climate or energy neutrality in the built environment
  • Heat and cold distribution projects
  • Strategic consultancy

The theme of ‘Energy in the built environment’ encompasses energy consumption in homes, offices and other buildings as well as energy infrastructure. At CE Delft we are well-versed in the technologies concerned and their potential, as well as in the policy setting and in employment issues and other economic aspects. Governments (local and national) and industry contact me for policy advice on energy in the urban environment because they know that advice is consistently based on practical experience with energy suppliers and local authorities. This means, among other things, that I am well-placed to translate complex European policies into practical advice for local government, housing corporations, energy companies and grid operators. As coordinator of work on this theme, I manage a team that bring in their own specific expertise to collaborate on research and consultancy on energy in the urban environment.

For a number of large cities and regions including The Hague and Amsterdam metropolitan district I have identified the measures required to secure climate targets. In addition, CE Delft advises clients on smart grid infrastructure in towns and cities and on locally sourced energy, whether for government, industry or NGOs. We do this in dialogue with the client, so matters of substance and any politically sensitive issues are properly worked through and the topic really comes alive. This means  the greatest chance of the route map creating opportunities that can be grasped by as many actors as possible, since energy policies interface in multiple ways with economic and social policies.

After graduating I obtained my doctorate at ECN with physics research on improving photovoltaic cells. I then worked at Nuon for 12 years, where among other things I collaborated with Amsterdam city council on developing environmentally sound energy systems for major housing and urban renewal projects.

In 2007 I started work at CE Delft as coordinator, Energy in the built environment. I am also secretary of the Dutch Energy Policy Platform (Bezinningsgroep Energie
), a national think-tank on energy policy issues.

Does our approach appeal to you? I would be more than happy to come along for discussions.


An ex-ante evaluation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive - Article 7 Published in Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy
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