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Staff at CE Delft regularly hold talks and presentations, a selection of which are reproduced below.


Optimal use of biogas from waste streams
Bettina Kampman
Infrastructure and external cost coverage of road freight transport on EU28 motorways

Arno Schroten, IRU, Brussels, 11 May 2017
Market study and ETS aspects of CCU in Rotterdam Harbour Industrial Complex
Diederik Jaspers, 30 maart 2017
Cost-effective share of bioenergy in the EU?
Bettina Kampman, meeting European Parliament, hosted by MEP Bas Eickhout (Greens / EFA), 29 March 2017
A comparison between CORSIA and the EU ETS for Aviation
Jasper Faber, European Parliament, 8 March 2017
CCU development opportunities in Rijnmond 
Diederik Jaspers, startbijeenkomst 25 januari 2017


Assessment of Fuel Oil Availability
Jasper Faber, Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment, The Hague, 3 October 2016
Thermal valorisation of caloric residues
Diederik Jaspers, marktmeeting Deltalinqs Energy Forum, 13 October 2016
Social CBA on smart grids. Methodology and cases

Maarten Afman, ISGAN Annex 3 Workshop, IEA Paris, 10 October 2016
User pays, user compares

Huib van Essen, TU Delft, 13 September 2016
SECA Assessment: Impacts of 2015 SECA marine fuel sulphur limits. First drawings from European experiences

Eelco den Boer, Propulsion & Emissions Conference, Hamburg, Germany, 11 May 2016
Cheaper electricity through smart charging and V2G
Huib van Essen, AVERE Conference, 14 April 2016
Biomass and waste pyrolysis, Evolution to high-quality marketable fuels

Diederik Jaspers, BioBased Delta Rotterdam, 6 April 2016
How to accomodate sustainability in the power sector?
Frans Rooijers, Interdepartementale Conferentie Energie ,The Hague, 4 April 2016