Anco Hoen

Anco Hoen
senior researcher/consultant


  • Climate and air-quality policy for transport
  • Clean, efficient vehicles and vehicle standards
  • Consumer research via online surveys
  • Behavioural research 
  • European and national policy
  • Relationships between transport policy, infrastructure, land use developments, traffic volumes and modal split
As senior researcher on environment and mobility, my work focuses on the full range of policy issues relating to road passenger transport. I’m well-versed in the impacts of both climate and air-quality policy, with extensive knowledge of technical measures as well as pricing and behavioural policies. I’ve been involved in studies on greening vehicle taxes and on the social costs and benefits of mobility policy.

Besides my wide knowledge of the (environmental) consequences of mobility policy, I have a wealth of know-how on the socio-psychological factors that influence people’s transport behaviour. I’ve designed and conducted internet surveys to establish how drivers value electric vehicles and other innovative new alternatives. This know-how helps identify so-called ‘early adopters’, but also provides a picture of why people resist adopting such alternatives. That picture is vital if we’re to gauge the effectiveness of financial incentives and other measures to improve the appeal of electric transport.

For me, the best thing about research is when it yields new, unexpected but convincing insights that go on to inspire policy-makers to adapt their policies accordingly.