Arno Schroten

Arno Schroten
Senior researcher/coordinator Transport economics

  • External costs and infrastructure costs of traffic and transport
  • Economic policy tools for traffic and transport
  • Cost effectiveness of environmental policies for traffic and transport
  • Social cost-benefit analyses
  • Social science research on traffic and transport

As coordinator of CE Delft’s work on transport economics I am involved in a wide range of economic analyses relating to traffic and transport. The emphasis is on developing and evaluating economic policy tools, determining the external and infrastructure costs of traffic, carrying out cost effectiveness analyses of environmental  measures for the traffic sector, and performing social cost-benefit analyses.

The projects are often (methodologically) complex and politically sensitive, and my experience with translating complex research projects into transparent and practically oriented policy recommendations is thus very useful. My main objective is always to produce robust and independent results and/or advice for the client.

Besides my broad economic expertise I am also well-versed in the socio-psychological factors shaping the transport behaviour of individuals and businesses. This knowledge I use to identify barriers to modifying environmentally unsound behaviour, for example, and in projects to develop ‘soft’ policy instruments. It is this combination of economic and socio-psychological knowledge that gives my projects added value.

I have been working enthusiastically at CE Delft since 2005, having graduated in General Economics and Policy and Organisational Sciences at the University of Tilburg.


Infrastructure and external cost coverage of road freight transport on EU28 motorways
Arno Schroten, IRU, Brussels, 11 May 2017