Bettina Kampman

Bettina Kampman
manager Energy & Fuels


  • European energy policy
  • Transport energy: fossil fuels, biofuels, electric transport
  • Transport climate policy

How are we to achieve a transition to a sustainable energy supply over the coming decades? How are we to ensure continued availability of affordable electricity, heat and transport fuels without ruining the Earth’s climate? These are the issues at the heart of my work as head of CE Delft’s Energy division.
In that work I’m most at home on the interface between technology, policy and economics, and most of my research and consultancy tackles these issues from all three angles. The first step is to identify and characterise the technical options for improved energy efficiency and sustainable energy systems: what’s feasible, what are the costs, and what are the pros and cons? Based on that knowledge, we can then examine the kind of policy best suited for achieving climate and energy targets under prevailing economic and political constraints. An approach we commonly adopt is to investigate the technical potential, costs and impacts of alternative policy options at both the national and European level.

Since 2013 I was appointed head of CE Delft’s Energy division  at the beginning of 2013. Prior to that I worked for over 13 years as a researcher/consultant in the Transport division , focusing on transport energy and climate policy. Before that I spent almost nine years as a researcher at Shell Exploration and Production, after graduating in mechanical engineering.


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Bettina Kampman
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Bettina Kampman, meeting European Parliament, hosted by MEP Bas Eickhout (Greens / EFA) 29 maart 2017
Mid-term evaluation of the Renewable Energy Directive
Bettina Kampman (CE Delft) & Stephan Sina (Ecologic Institute), presentation at a meeting at DG Energy, with attendees from various Commission services, 2 July 2015
Challenges and opportunities in the energy sector

Bettina Kampman, 9 March 2015, ETUI/EPSU Workshop on multinational corporations in the infrastructure sectors: Challenges from the perspectives of employees, worker representatives and trade unions, Brussels
Environmental performance of LNG for different modes

Bettina Kampman, Small scale LNG Conference, Amsterdam, 11 December 2013
Sustainable alternatives to land-based biofuels
Bettina Kampman, Greenpeace Brussels, 28 January 2013
Integrated urban transport plans and cohesion policy
Wolfgang Schade, Bettina Kampman, Stefan Klug, Presentation to the European Parliament, 24 January 2013