Cor Leguijt

Cor Leguijt
manager Energy & Fuels; coordinator Renewable fuels; coordinator Built environment, national policy


  • Biomass and renewable fuels
  • Energy systems in the urban environment
  • Transition processes in the urban environment

After graduating in physics and gaining my doctorate (1995) on the subject of photovoltaic cells, I took up a position in the energy industry, negotiating energy systems for major construction projects and heading up a department, among other things. Since 2007 I’ve been happily employed at CE Delft, first as sectoral coordinator ‘Energy in the urban environment’, then as sectoral coordinator ‘Biomass’.

In 2017 I became general manager ‘Fuels and Cities’. The thread running through all these issues has always been my passion to use my knowledge and skills to contribute to building a more sustainable world. As a physicist I like to break down large, complex issues into clear choices and discrete processes, so policy-makers and politicians can get to work on them. This requires analytical skills, an ability to listen and think creatively, and a willingness to explain the results of all that thought and reflection to others in a way they can understand. I also enjoy working alongside others and helping ensure everyone brings out the very best in themselves. On your own you can often make rapid progress, but together you come further – which is one of the reasons I value relations so highly.

The issues closest to my heart are the role to be played by biomass in a sustainable world and how that is to be organised, and how a renewable energy supply for the urban environment is to be designed and organised. Both are complex issues involving a wide variety of players and numerous different interests and begging policy questions at the local, national and international level. They require robust know-how on issues of substance, but also a keen awareness that parties need to collaborate to flesh out solutions. These are the issues I’m working on together with my team.


An ex-ante evaluation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive - Article 7 Published in Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy
Rosenow, J., Leguijt, C., Pató, Z., Eyre, N., Fawcett, T. (2016): An ex-ante evaluation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive - Article 7. Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy 5(2)


Potential of biogas in EU, BioLNG for transport in NL
Cor Leguijt, International Biogas Congress10 october 2018 Berlin

Optimal use of biogas from waste streams
Cor Leguijt, Biogas Research Centre 1 December 2017 Zweden