Dagmar Nelissen
senior researcher/consultant

Expertise: Maritime shipping

I am an economist and work as senior researcher/consultant for CE Delft’s Mobility & Transport Department.

My field of expertise is maritime shipping with the main focus on policy measures for the reduction of GHG emissions and air pollution. When assessing alternative policy options I can combine my economic expertise with my technological and institutional knowledge. Methodology-wise, I am trained to do qualitative as well as quantitative analyses.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field, I have contributed to a multitude of studies, commissioned by various clients such as the IMO, the European Commission, national ministries, sector companies/associations, and NGOs.

To give three examples, I have lead:

  • a study commissioned by the European Commission (DG Clima) that analyses the market potential and market barriers for wind propulsion technologies for ships;
  • two studies commissioned by the European Climate Foundation and WWF Canada analysing costs of a potential Artic HFO ban;
  • a concise study commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment fact-checking different claims regarding the ration of ship and car emissions.

I am team player, passionate about my work and find it very important to do independent, scientifically sound research. I have an eye for detail without losing sight of the bigger picture and like to write reports and give presentations tailored to the (reading) audience. Thanks to my German background, I am at home not only in Dutch and English, but also in German language projects.