Diederik Jaspers

Diederik Jaspers
senior researcher/consultant

Diederik Jaspers graduated as a chemical engineer from Delft Technological University, where he specialised in Inorganic Chemistry with a focus on energy and the environment. He is also schooled in business economics, having attained an MBA at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Diederik has over 20 years' experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy, innovation, ceramic membranes and fuel cells, particularly in the context of large-scale industrial production. 
Examples of topics in the realm of energy efficiency include: 
  • energy scans (for benchmarking)
  • industrial carbon capture and storage (CCS)
  • energy-efficient lighting
  • hydro-cracking of waste
  • process optimisation


Market study and ETS aspects of CCU in Rotterdam Harbour Industrial Complex
Diederik Jaspers, March 30, 2017
CCU development opportunities in Rijnmond
Diederik Jaspers, startbijeenkomst 25 januari 2017
Thermal valorisation of caloric residues
Diederik Jaspers, marktmeeting Deltalinqs Energy Forum, 13 oktober 2016
Biomass and waste pyrolysis, Evolution to high-quality marketable fuels

Diederik Jaspers, BioBased Delta Rotterdam, 6 april 2016