Electric vehicles

The last few years have seen an upsurge in the number of electric vehicles, especially for road passenger transport and, to a lesser extent, for inner-city freight delivery. Just about every major car manufacturer now has a (semi-)electric vehicle in its range, demand for which has risen sharply, partly thanks to tax incentives, particularly in the business segment of the market. In the years and decades ahead, electrically powered transport can potentially make a major contribution to rendering road transport more sustainable, but first numerous barriers and uncertainties need to be overcome.

When it comes to the transition to electrically powered road transport, CE Delft has a wealth of expertise on both technical and policy aspects. We have detailed knowledge of the environmental impact of electric vehicles in terms of energy consumption and CO2 and air-pollutant emissions, not only on the road but also across the energy-supply and vehicle-production chains. Given our extensive know-how on both the transport and electricity sector, we are also fully up to speed on interlinkages with power generation and the opportunities electric transport can create for developing more sustainable energy systems.

We are similarly well-versed in the costs of electric passenger transport (total cost of ownership for both users and society as a whole), business models and the effects of tax incentives. We have also carried out studies on ‘nudging’ driving and loading routines and how these affect the cost, usage and environmental profiles of (semi-)electric vehicles.

Core activities

  • Environmental impacts and costs of electrically powered transport, including influence of electricity mix and other lifecycle aspects, current and projected trends
  • Potential interactions between electric transport and the energy market and energy grids (buffering of mismatches between supply and demand, for example)
  • Government policy options for accelerating development and implementation of electric transport, at European, national and local level
  • Incentivizing and monitoring optimum use of (semi-)electric vehicles (plug-in hybrids and electric cars with a range extender)
  • Development and evaluation of scenarios for future potential of electrically powered transport

Our clients

Our clients include the Dutch ministries of Infrastructure & Environment, Economic Affairs and Finance, the European Commission, Dutch and international  NGOs (Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment, Transport & Environment (T&E ), International Council on Clean Transportation) and businesses, including Louwman & Parqui (Dutch Toyota importers ) and Opel Nederland.

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