Energy supply

The challenge for the decades ahead is to make our energy supply sustainable and at the same time keep it affordable and reliable. Dutch Energy and climate policies are being shaped increasingly by the European policy context and in north-western Europe there is growing integration of energy infrastructure. At CE Delft the sector Energy supply is geared entirely to this transition, which comprises the following key elements:

  • a switch from fossil fuels to renewables
  • changes to the (primary) gas and power infrastructure
  • long-term security of supply and energy autarchy
  • geopolitical aspects.

As an independent agency with a wealth of experience, CE Delft gives its clients insight into tangibly foreseeable and potential developments in the broad field of energy supply, at the local, national and international level. With our in-depth knowledge of policies and European, national and local energy scenarios, we  are fully conversant with the impacts and barriers at play in the coming transition. Among the issues involved are the speed with which changes to production facilities can be realistically implemented, the effectiveness of the EU ETS, the role and impact of electric transport and the availability of sufficient (sustainably produced) biomass. In addition, we have all the right expertise and tools for robustly analysing the impacts of the coming transition, including life cycle assessment, (economic) modelling of generating technologies and social cost-benefit analyses,  on the costs and benefits of smart grids, for example.

Core research and consultancy themes

  • flexibility of energy supply (incorporation of solar & wind) and the attendant role of natural gas
  • energy grids for the transition (power, heat and gas)
  • energy transport and transmission (fuels, gas, power)
  • growth of renewables and societal impacts (who bears what costs, land-use impacts of biomass cultivation, etc.).

What can CE Delft offer you?

Its wide-ranging expertise on all the above issues – renewable energy, energy infrastructure, energy supply and security – built on decades of experience, both nationally and internationally , and its up-to-the-minute know-how on technologies, costs and the policy setting. For companies involved in power generation, heat and cold supply and power and gas infrastructure we carry out studies on how operations can be made more sustainable. We give strategic advice on new policies and their likely impact on core activities. We also advise governments on tailoring policies to create a level playing field for renewables.

Our clients

Our clients are: government agencies (Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, European Commission, European Environmental Agency (EEA), energy companies (Eneco, E.On, Electrabel, GasTerra, GdF Suez, Nuon/Vattenfall, Essent/RWE), environmental NGOs (Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment, Greenpeace, Worldwide Fund for Nature, ECF, Transport & Environment, CAN Europe), trade associations (Energie-Nederland, Eurelectric, Netbeheer Nederland and grid operators (Stedin, Alliander, TenneT, Gasunie).

Your contact

For more information please contact Sebastiaan Hers