Environmental Prices Handbook

At the request of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, CE Delft has calculated environmental prices for over 2,500 pollutants. The Environmental Prices Handbook 2017 is a technical background report providing transparency and scientific context on how the prices were calculated.

Environmental Prices Tool
Environmental prices are indices expressing the social cost of environmental emissions and other interventions in Euros per kilo pollutant or similar units, for noise for example. They indicate the willingness-to-pay for preventing pollution and other unwanted impacts. The lookup tool can be accessed via the link below. [voor "Onderstaande opzoektool'] It provides monetary values for emissions of over 2,500 substances in the Netherlands in 2015, valid for an average location and average emission source. The prices are per kilo emission in 2015 Euros. The listed substances can be looked up under their English name (in full, unabbreviated) or using the 9-digit international CAS registry number.

Before using these prices the Environmental Prices Handbook 2017 should first be consulted.    

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Please refer to the publication when using this information: CE Delft, 2017. Environmental Prices Handbook 2017. S.M. de Bruyn, S. Ahdour, M, Bijleveld, L. de Graaff, A. Schroten. Delft.

CE Delft can assume no responsibility for the use of these environmental prices.


Benefito tool

With the model Benefito, we can transfer these prices to other locations and  regions worldwide and calculate unique sets of environmental prices for any country, region or city.

More information

For more information on environmental prices, please contact Sander de Bruyn