Eric Tol

Eric Tol

After my Mechanical Engineering bachelor’s I completed my master’s in Management of Technology at Delft University of Technology. Over the past few years I’ve gained a wealth of experience at CE Delft in the field of passenger and freight transport, working on projects relating to road transport, s aviation, marine shipping, rail transport and cycling mobility. I derive a lot of energy from working on such a broad and varying range of socially-oriented mobility issues.

Most of my work on passenger and freight transport is for government (ministries, municipalities) and trade associations (Connekt, Topsector Logistics).

Topics I’ve worked on since 2018 include the Dutch aviation tax, charging infrastructure for freight transport in Amsterdam, Zero-Emission Zones (SPES), electric vehicle charging demand (RES), market exploration on electric minibuses and the Outlook on Hinterland Continental Freight (HCF).

My main expertise is in the following areas:

  • Transport and policy systems for electric transport
  • Freight transport, urban distribution and international transport
  • Technology and innovation management