Jacobine Aalberts-Bakker

Jacobine Aalberts-Bakker
senior researcher/consultant 


  • Transport climate policy
  • Sustainable mobility in the urban environment
  • Environmental impacts of transport and infrastructure
  • Hazardous goods transport
  • Spatial planning

As a researcher/consultant on the Mobiilty & Transport team, it is my job to research and advise on issues of sustainable mobility. How can climate targets be translated into concrete as well as feasible policy measures? What is the effectiveness of alternative policy options? With my mathematical background, I can provide a handle on the quantitative details pertinent to such policy discussions.

Before starting at CE Delft I had been employed for some years at an engineering consultancy, where I was involved mainly in environmental impact assessments for big infrastructure projects. Besides gaining experience in a range of consultancy settings with government and industry, I have also built up a wealth of know-how on spatial planning issues, including external safety (freight transport, industries covered by the Dutch Major Accidents Decree (BRZO), wind-turbine risk zones), noise, air quality and ecology (specifically, nitrogen deposition and Natura 2000 sites).