Jasper Faber

Jasper Faber
Aviation and maritime specialist, manager Mobility & Transport


  • Aviation
  • Maritime transport

My job is to analyse policy instruments for improving the environmental performance of aviation and maritime shipping. I thrive on assisting policy makers in the design of policy instruments that yield maximum environmental benefits at least economic cost. In the last couple of years I have been very active in helping policy makers and stakeholders prepare for the inclusion of aviation in the ETS. I have also studied policy tools of potential use for establishing climate policy for shipping.

Besides international transport, I’m also well-versed in issues of climate policy, with a particular interest in the ETS and the ‘flexible mechanisms’ of the Kyoto Protocol.

I’m particularly interested in the development and diffusion of new technologies, or in other words: innovation. Pursuing the theme of my doctoral thesis – corporate structuring of innovative efforts – I’m now looking at the kind of playing field that can be created by government, not just to encourage innovation but to steer technology in a sustainable direction.


Avaiability of low-sulphur fuels for shipping
Jasper Faber, July 25, 2019, International Workshop on Establishment and Implementation of Vessel Emission Control Areas in Beijing, China

The Initial IMO Green House Gas Strategy, Impacts on shipping companies
Jasper Faber, 10th Chemical and Product Tanker Conference, London 9 - 10 March 2019

A comparison between CORSIA and the EU ETS for Aviation
Jasper Faber, European Parliament. 8 March 2017

Assessment of Fuel Oil Availability
Jasper Faber, Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment, The Hague, 3 October 2016