Marijke Meyer

Marijke Meyer MSc

Heat systems in Dutch buildings are about to undergo a revolution! Natural gas is going to be a thing of the past, to be replaced by climate-neutral systems. in the Sustainable Cities group, I’m working with colleagues on the issues involved in this complex challenge. We’re supported in our efforts by the CEGOIA model, developed by CE Delft to explore the ins and outs of the heat transition. I’m the technical administrator of this model, which I’ve used in a range of projects for local and provincial authorities, grid operators and gas companies.

I have a background in Applied Physics at Delft Technological University, specializing in renewable energy technologies. For my graduate thesis I worked on forecasting stratocumulus cloud cover with an atmospheric model. After graduating I started out at an innovative company that developed solar panels. Here I helped develop a model to incentivize use of PV systems on the basis of weather data. I’m keen to use the modelling experience I’ve built up for projects in the realm of sustainability. I’m  also at home with geographic information systems (GIS) and am a qualified consultant for the EPA Housing Energy Label. 

In my work at CE Delft I want to contribute to creating a more sustainable world and a gas-free built environment.