Marijn Bijleveld

Marijn Bijleveld MSc
senior researcher/consultant

I have been working at CE Deft since early 2010. Most of my work revolves around Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of products or product groups. Over the past few years I have carried out LCAs for a wide range of industries, trade associations and NGOs in fields including textiles, carpets, packaging (numerous forms), building materials and foodstuffs. I am experienced in analysing and comparing waste processing  routes like recycling, incineration, composting and landfill. I am also regularly involved in projects for government agencies, building on my wider environmental know-how.

When carrying out projects I attach great importance to client relations. Key in this context are open consultations on project design, to ensure results are in a form the client can use effectively. I also derive satisfaction from presenting analysis results in a transparent and visually appealing manner. With my background as an industrial designer, this also makes development of calculating tools a particular interest of mine: design meets environmental analysis, at the service of tool users.