Martijn Blom

Martijn Blom
senior researcher/consultant


  • Evaluation of climate policy and environmental taxation
  • Greening of the tax system
  • Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses

The environment is not something people automatically factor into their decision-making, certainly not when pollution carries no price tag. Goods and services that are priced too cheaply will be overconsumed, leading to degradation of the ‘commons’ and depletion of the world’s natural resources. At the same time, the consumption of materials and energy has become so complex and global that the many issues concerned cannot be resolved solely through regulation and agreements.

‘Getting the prices right’ is consequently my key compass for the projects I carry out at CE Delft, for it is on this principle above all that development of a green economy will need to be based. The economist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman has an excellent blog on the key steps required for greening the economy which I can sincerely recommend.

I have now been working as an environmental economist at CE Delft since 1999, specialising in reviews of environmental taxes and green tax measures. My ambition is to help develop practicable and effective economic instruments for use in environmental policy and a further greening of the tax system. In doing so, I feel it is important to provide distinctive know-how and insights with which project principals can move forward in their work. I endeavour to combine this with personal care and attention to any wishes the principal may have.