Matthijs Otten

Matthijs Otten
senior researcher/consultant

With my analytical expertise, my work at CE Delft focuses on two areas: 

  • sustainable mobility 
  • environmental analysis of waste management

In the field of sustainable mobility and logistics I work on projects that provide clients with insight into the impact of passenger and goods transport on climate change and potential strategies for reducing that impact. I was involved in developing the STREAM model, used to calculate emissions on the basis of vehicle performance (e.g. tonne-km or p-km). This is the model used in many of the projects commissioned to us. In a recent project for South Holland provincial authorities I helped design measures to improve air quality and detailed the (cost-)effectiveness of these measures. 

In the field of waste management I have carried out studies setting out the various environmental impacts of alternative processing options (incineration with energy recuperation, recycling, landfill, etc.). Key to these studies is that due consideration is given to the entire chain of waste materials. For a range of clients we have developed tools that identify the pros and cons of the various options available for processing their waste. The most recent tool I helped develop is the ECO-scan for waste processors SITA, which their customers can use to get a better handle on the environmental impacts of waste processing as a function of how their waste is delivered.

I have been working at CE Delft since 2007. After completing my degree in chemistry I worked on my doctoral thesis at the department of supramolecular chemistry at Nijmegen University. Having obtained my doctorate, with my background in natural science I was keen to contribute to sustainable development in the widest sense of the term, which brought me to CE Delft.