Nina Voulis

Nina Voulis, PhD
senior reseacher/consultant

Nina Voulis, PhD is a senior researcher and consultant at CE Delft. Her work focuses on the energy transition in urban areas. Nina is a systems engineer. She can combine the technical, economical and policy aspects of the energy transition. Nina can also bridge the gap between different parties, such as governments and network system operators, or modelers and model users.

Nina has a strong technical and scientific background. During her PhD research at the Delft University of Technology she has built a solid expertise in energy data and energy modelling. Before her PhD, she worked as a researcher and consultant at Cornell University in the United States. Nina has enjoyed a multidisciplinary training as an environmental engineer at Ghent University.

In her current position at CE Delft, Nina builds on her expertise to advise and support governments and companies in complex challenges related to energy and sustainability in the built environment.