Staff at CE Delft regularly hold talks and presentations, a selection of which are reproduced below.

2018 - 2019

The Initial IMO Green House Gas Strategy, Impacts on shipping companies
Jasper Faber, 10th Chemical and Product Tanker Conference, London 9 - 10 March 2019

Chemical recycling and its CO2 reduction potential
Geert Bergsma, European Parlement Stakeholder Briefing, 20 February 2019, Brussels

Residuals bunker fuel ban in IMO Arctic waters, Cost implications for Russian trade flows- a case study
Dagmar Nelissen, 19 February 2019, for Clean Arctic Alliance at the IMO in London

Implementing sustainable procurement, lessons learned from evaluation of action plans
Lonneke de Graaff en Katja Kruit, 21 January 2019 EU Partnership Urban Agenda/Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement

Reducing the environmental impact of public procurement for healthcare
Lonneke de Graaff en Anne Marie van den Berg (UMC), CleanMed 11 October 2018, Nijmegen 

Potential of biogas in EU, BioLNG for transport in NL
Cor Leguijt, International Biogas Congress10 October 2018 Berlin