Reinier van der Veen

Dr. Reinier van der Veen
medior researcher/consultant

As a medior researcher/consultant in the Energy & Fuels sector I work on projects relating to renewable fuels. This is a broad theme, since renewable fuels like bio-LNG and green hydrogen can be used for providing heat, electricity and mobility as well as serving as chemical feedstocks. It’s a privilege to help players move forward on the energy transition, by helping them understand the role to be played by these renewable fuels in a low-emission energy future and the costs and benefits of various transition paths.

With my research background at Delft University of Technology’s Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management I’ve built up a wealth of experience analyzing the functions of and interactions between actors, markets, technological systems and legislation in a systematic and multidisciplinary fashion, an approach that serves me well in my work at CE Delft.