Sander de Bruyn

Sander de Bruyn
Environmental economics coordinator


  • Resource and materials policy
  • Cost-effectiveness computation 
  • Economic growth and scenario analysis

To my mind, there are two main challenges facing environmental policy-makers over the next three decades: climate change and global resource depletion. Having graduated as an economist, majoring in welfare theory, and gaining my PhD in applied environmental economics, I see it as my task to analyse these problems, unravel the driving forces and propose ways of preserving the natural environment and its services for future generations.

The environment does not exist in isolation, though, and protecting it must go hand in hand with human well-being and prosperity, with due attention to issues like affordable health care and proper education. By properly calculating the costs and expenditures associated with environmental policy, for government as well as industry, means can be sought to reduce those costs and increase the environmental pay-off. In my work I’ve often found that by adopting a slightly different policy perspective major savings can be achieved, to the benefit of both government and industry.

The main source of inspiration in my work is to see clients satisfied, and beyond that the pleasure of unbiased research on social issues with the aim of helping clients gain a clearer understanding of the environmental problems facing us all today.